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About Us

Lumigan Eye Drops from LashGrowthSerums is an online store for all your eye care needs. You can grab the world’s best Eyelash Serums for eyecare, Glaucoma Treatment, and Hypotrichosis. We also have products related to eyelashes growth and care. You also get an option of Lumigan buy online. We have products, including Bimatoprost, Careprost, etc. All the products that we have in our store are high rates and well formulated for eye care.

Service we provide

Careprost is an ophthalmic solution that helps with Glaucoma and Hypotrichosis. It has an active ingredient, Bimatoprost, which not only treats eye problems but also promotes growth in eyelashes. Many people recommend Eyelash Growth Serum Lumigan Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution 0.03 for the care and growth of thick and shiny eyelashes. That’s why our pocket-friendly eyelash serum is one of the best solutions for enhancing your eyelashes.

Order generic Bimatoprost online from our online beauty store, LashGrowthSerums, if you have weak and thin eyelashes.

Product details – Lumigan Eye Drops

Lumigan Eye Drops

Lumigan lashes 0.01 % ophthalmic solution is prudent in the alteration of Careprost. This Eyelash Serum is a prostaglandin analog popularly used for hypertension, open angular glaucoma, and a fewer number of eyelashes. So, if you are a person suffering from low self-esteem due to Hypotrichosis, then buy Lumigan generic solution from our online portal and get it delivered at your doorstep.

Careprost Eye Drop

Careprost is a product of Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. It is popular with its generic name Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution. Eyelash Growth Serum has a ratio of 0.03%W/V of Bimatoprost concerning other ingredients. This eye care solution comes with and without a brush. Its uses include treating a lot of issues like open angular glaucoma, intraocular hypertension, and Hypotrichosis.

Bimatoprost Eye Drop

Bimat for eyelash growth belongs to the prostamides group of medicines that are known to reduce the pressure in the eye. Bimatoprost is a preparation used for open-angular glaucoma either solely or with other eye drops known as beta-blockers. This Eyelash Growth Serum works by reducing the pressure created by the liquid inside the eyes. This ophthalmic solution contains 0.05mg of Benzalkonium Chloride, which is not ideal for administering with eye lenses. Therefore, if you are a person who is fond of eye lenses, then consult your physician before using this medicine.

Saving and safety

When you choose to buy Lumigan Eye Drops or Careprost free shipping with us, you technically opt for the secure and safe delivery of your product. We though promise quick delivery of your Eyelash Growth Serum, but in case we fail to deliver the product timely or provide the wrong product, which is rare, we offer a 100% refund.

In case of any wrong or faulty delivery, you can easily reach us at Our customer support will reach to handle your grievances as soon as possible.

Also, we have a strict policy of not refunding the product due to safety reasons. LashGrowthSerums does not accept the return of medication at any cost.

Buy Lumigan Eye Drops Eyelash Ophthalmic Solutions from us

LashGrowthSerums is an online portal with all types of eye care ophthalmic solutions. We have Eyelash Growth Serum or eye drops for lash growth, glaucoma treatment, and Hypotrichosis. So, visit our shop online, order and get your product delivered without much of hassle.

Also, if you have questions like What is Lumigan, how to use Careprost or Bimatoprost, etc. then visit our blog section. You will get detailed information regarding the use and side effects.

Why choose us for Lumigan Eye Drops?

We at LashGrowthSerums are the renowned sellers of Careprost eyelash enhancer serum that works wonder for your eyelashes with minimal growth. If you use this solution, you will notice an improvement in the density and length of your eyelashes within four to six weeks

With consistent application, you will feel that your lashes are becoming longer. By the eighth week, you will feel that your lashes are becoming darker and thicker. From this point onwards, results will be visible to other people as well. They will be keen to know the magic serum you have been using to get fuller and darker eyelashes.

That’s why order Eyelash Growth Serum Bimatoprost online from our portal at discounted prices and quick deliveries. Even after made purchases, we make sure to stick with you through the very end with our reliable customer support.


Eyecare is one of the essential parts of healthcare, and therefore, no one should ever forget it at any cost. Your eyes are a vital body part that not only helps you see the world but add beauty to your facial features. Therefore, no matter whether you are suffering from open-angular glaucoma or feeling bad about your thin eyelashes, you can order the best of the best Eyelash Growth Serum from our portal.

You have a series of products to explore and order from LashGrowthSerums online while sitting in your homely comfort.

Order with us now and grab exciting offers. You can even get a flat 20% discount with Free Shipping on every purchase you make with us.

Clinical trials proved Careprost® made lashes:


Results to delight in.

Results to delight in

More from Careprost® patients

Ruthie Barone
Careprost dramatically lengths and makes your lashes fuller and darker (which I love because my lashes were completely blonde before). I would highly recommend …

But wait…

How long do Lumigan Eye Drops take to work?

Full results take at least 16 weeks, but lash growth can occur in as little as four weeks!

Does it change your eye color?

Careprost manufacturer lists brown darkening of the eye as a possible side effect. For concerns, we encourage you to speak to your Apostrophe dermatologist!

Does Lumigan Eye Drops work on eyebrows?

It’s important to note that using Careprost on your eyebrows is considered an “off-label use,” but recent research shows that using Careprost on your brows can result in fuller, thicker brows.

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