Bimat Eye Drop (With Applicator Brush)

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Buy Bimat Eye Drop (with brush) at a low price with Free Shipping across USA, UK from LashGrowthSerums. This magical eye drop gives you impressive support for preventing hypotrichosis and glaucoma. Furthermore, many ophthalmologists recommend bimatoprost ophthalmic solutions for getting long and dark eyelashes. Check out our website to learn about the best deals on our incredible solution. We guarantee authentic eye tonics and similar products for promoting the growth of eyelashes. Visit our site to buy Bimatoprost eyelash serum at 20% OFF + Free Shipping.



What is Bimat Eye Drop with Brush or Bimatoprost?

With tremendous popularity in the field of health and cosmetics, Bimat Eye Drop with brush or Bimatoprost or Careprost is a medical miracle for decreasing the fluid pressure inside the eyes. The contemporary lifestyle of individuals indulges them in exposure to screens of smart devices, which often lead to unprecedented damage to our eyes.

Careprost Reviews indicate that this synthetic solution is extremely helpful in preventing glaucoma by draining extra aqueous humor from our eyes – thus, keeping them healthy.

Additionally, Careprost for sale through our renowned platform boosts eyelash growth, which significantly improves the confidence of people with facial hair problems. Some people might think that this eyelash enhancement product is not worth buying. But, note that Eyelash Growth Serum from LashGrowthSerums is a multipurpose solution.

Is Bimatoprost Different From Latisse?

In the medical community, most products have a generic as well as a brand name. Bimatoprost is the generic name of this useful compound, whereas Latisse and Lumigan are brand names. Bimat Generic or not, you can only buy this compound on prescription by a registered medical practitioner.

How does Bimatoprost Generic works on your body?

Whether one buys Bimat Eyelash Growth Serum or other generic serum, the exact mechanism remains a mystery, or rather too complicated for non-scientific minds to understand. The simplest explanation is evident in the research of Careprost Before And After. It copies the effect of Prostaglandin chemicals that occur naturally in the human body. With the passage of age and other external factors, our bodies start producing less of these compounds, and this is where Bimat Eye Drops step in to prevent or treat glaucoma as well as provide long and dark eyelashes to the user.

Buy Bimat Eye Drops Online from LashGrowthSerums to see how it diminishes the pressure on the optic nerve by expanding the flow of aqueous humor layer inside our eyes. This mechanism automatically prevents and treats open-angular glaucoma with the help of prostamides that work just like prostaglandin. The best part is that this best eyelash growth serum works for nearly 24 hours after one application, with the best results shown between 8-12 hours timeframe. Just one drop of Careprost Ophthalmic Solution is potent enough to prevent and manage many ocular complications.

How do you use Bimat Eye Drop with Brush?

Since Bimat Eye Drops perform dual-action, there are two ways of using it: –

  • Carefully place a drop of Bimat Eye Drop 0.03% Bimatoprost on each eyelid and let it absorb for a couple of seconds. The best effect will show after about 8 hours.
  • Take a drop of Bimat Generic Serum on a brush and carefully apply it on the upper eyelash line to encourage darker eyelash growth.

What precautions need to be taken while using Bimat or Careprost Eye Drops?

  1. Always wash your hands before and after using any medicine. It is essential for reducing the chances of spoiling the compound or transferring microbes to the container.
  2. Maintain extra hygiene while wearing or removing contact lenses from your eyes. Always wear contacts 15 minutes after using the Bimatoprost Eyelash Growth Serum.
  3. Please resist the temptation to use it exceedingly. A lot of people think that using more medicine or using medicine more frequently will increase its efficacy, but it is just a myth. In fact, going against the recommended dosage may nullify the sound effects of the medicinal compound.
  4. Make sure to go for regular checkups and discuss your medical history with your doctor. This way, you will be aware of your allergies. If you are allergic to compounds such as Bimatoprost or had a bad experience with any eye drops in the past, you should not touch Careprost unless your doctor okays it. Similarly, some cardiovascular conditions or persistent eye inflammation and other such factors make it crucial to have a chat with your doctor before using Bimat.
  5. If you are using any other eye medications or solutions, it is essential to keep a minimum of a 5-minutes gap between that and administration of Careprost eyelash growth serum. Similarly, do your research if there is any adverse reaction between Lumigan and a generic medication you may be taking.
  6. Buy Bimat Online for reducing IOP or increasing eyelash growth, but make sure to let your doctor know if you are pregnant or breastfeeding as these are the two most critical situations where very few medicines or compounds are 100% safe to use.

What are the side effects of using Bimatoprost?

Even though we provide the best quality Bimatoprost Generic or Careprost For Sale, sometimes, you may feel specific side effects. These may range from mild discomfort or itching to angry red rashes and more. Make sure to notice the symptoms carefully and discuss it with your doctor immediately. These side-effects do not arise from the quality of Bimat drops. Instead, they are a cumulation of several factors such as your body type, specific allergies, interaction with other medications, and so on. These include: –

  • Itching or Redness of the eyes
  • Excessive sensitivity to light
  • Discoloration of Iris
  • Blurry or confusion vision
  • Headaches or pain in eyes
  • General discomfort in eyes
  • Body pain or weakness

When you buy Bimat Eye Drop with brush to increase eyelash growth, make sure to discuss the dosage with your doctor, and take appropriate precautions to diminish the chances of suffering any side effects. Most of the time, patients undergo only minor irritation on using Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution.

Where do you buy Bimatoprost Online?

Choose Bimatoprost buy online USA option with us and get your serum delivered at your doorsteps. But, before placing the order, make sure to check out our official portal, LashGrowthSerums, that provides the best eyelash growth serum at the most unbelievable prices and free shipping.

We also offer excellent post-sales services and a plethora of information regarding the dosage, side-effects, reviews of Bimat Eye Drop (with a brush).

Bimatoprost Reviews have made it clear that this is the best product for treating glaucoma and increasing the length and density of eyelashes. Your search for the best partner in your health and cosmetics search ends right here!

Additional information


Ajanta Pharma Ltd

Salt Composition

Bimatoprost (0.03% w/v)

Equivalent Brand

Bimatoprost Opthalmic Solution

Country of Origin


Generic Name

Bimatoprost Opthalmic Solution


1 X 3 ml

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    Genuine product… This drop does not hurt the eyes or burn when used. I am genuinely shocked at how well it worked! My eyelashes are so long now that I have to shave them because they begin to turn inward!

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