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Buy Lumigan eye drops online through us at LashGrowthSerums in UK, USA, to ensure the best-discounted deals. Bimatoprost, which is a common type of prostaglandin analog, offers improvement in health against Glaucoma, common vision-related issues, and pressure reduction from the eye region. So if you are suffering from Intraocular hypertension-related issues, then we highly recommend our impressive product. Feel its outstanding effect on your eyelashes to give them the luscious shape and density you desire. Furthermore, learn about how to use it, its potential side effects, precautions, dosage, and other FAQs as well.



Lumigan (Bimatoprost) 0.01 % The Best Eye Care Product For Everyone

The only point that you need to keep in mind when using Lumigan product is that you should be above 16 years of age to start using this product. You can buy Careprost or Bimatoprost eye drops if you want to enhance your eyelashes growth. When purchasing a product from LashGrowthSerums, you get to save extra costs because of free shipment and 20 percent off on your purchase.

How To Use Lumigan 0.01% Product?

The moment you are concerned about using this product, you have to focus on the prescription instructed to you. The product is useful for curing pressure built-up in the eye region. So if you are suffering from this condition – mild or severe, then this eye drop is more effective. It will reduce the pressure formed and normalize your condition.

Patients who are suffering from Glaucoma related issues, then Lumigan eye drops prove helpful. The product is very much useful in treating wide angle related conditions. So any progressive damage within the eye region can effectively be treated with few drops of this product. You can buy genuine quality LashGrowthSerums from the official website and avail benefit of claiming for 20 percent discount and free shipment.

You can also collect more details related to Bimatoprost usage, price, dosage, and other side effects online. The eye drops act as an effective way of treating short-length eyelashes. The product is a form of topical product, and so its effects can be trusted. Regular usage of this product also proves helpful in darkening the eyelashes and increasing its thickness. That guarantees that the eyelashes are more healthy and appealing.

Effects Of The Product – Duration and Lasting Time

As far as the dosage effect is concerned, once you are using Lumigan Bimatoprost, you can expect quick results. Just after a few hours of using this product, you may get to notice its positive effects. The experts have already declared this product for its cumulative properties.

In most cases, results are instant and very much active. Best results are observed by individuals who have been using this product for over two months regularly. You will notice some improvement in the eyelashes when you apply it for a couple of days. To keep the progress favorable, we highly recommend that you use our Lumigan eye drops consistently for a prolonged period.

When To Avoid Using Lumigan?

In general, the product is safe to use. So in most cases, you may not notice any severe side effects if you follow the appropriate prescription and dosage provided to you by your doctor. Several of the precations are provided to you if you with our product if you buy Lumigan eye drops online. Furthermore, you can buy Careprost eye drops (with a brush) at a price that is very much competitive than others, along with a 20 percent discount and free shipping USA or UK benefits from LashGrowthSerums.

As per experts, avoid using it if you are facing any allergic reaction or if you are under other types of medication. Always consult experts before you start using this product if any, issues.

Dosage Details

In most cases, you can take the regular dose as per the prescription provided to you. A regular schedule for the dosage time has to be maintained. In many cases, make sure not to overuse this product than the recommended levels. In case of overdose, it is recommended to contact your expert physician.

If you search the internet, you may not find any negative reviews related to Lumigan 0.01 % (Bimatoprost) products. Each bottle is 30 ml, and only two or three drops of this product have to be taken at a time.

Even if you want to discontinue using this product, consult your physician and then stop using it to avoid side effects or inconvenience.

You have to ensure that you use this product only after you are aware of the right prescription, dosage, and uses. When applying, we recommend that you should not change the dosage amounts as it can be harmful or ineffective. In case you notice irritation in and around the eye region after usage, we advise you to get in touch with your physician immediately.


Is Bimatoprost Safe For Pregnant Women?

Bimatoprost is not usually recommended for pregnant women and breastfeeding moms without the consent of a doctor. You might need to consult the medical expert to know if this product can negatively affect you or not. If he/she says it is fine to use, then you can.

What Are The Common Signs Of Side Effects?

In general, side effects are not very noticeable. But in a few cases, minor eye discomfort, pain, and redness can be noticed for a short period. Blur vision might be prominent in a few cases. Mild discharge from the eyes is possible, but only in few cases.

General advice from the experts

As Lumigan eyelash growth is known by several names, you might feel confused about which one is the correct one. For instance, you might feel like asking – “is Lumigan or Bimatoprost the same as Latisse?”, etc., Then go through our instruction guides to learn about it in detail.

You also have to ensure that once using this product, you complete its full prescription, as mentioned by your health expert. Quitting using this product much early in time can also offer with adverse effects on your eyes. You can buy Careprost Bimatoprost eye drops from LashGrowthSerums store online and claim for the best discount (20 percent) along with the free shipment. You have to search for the product online at the official Bimatoprost website, or your nearby store.

Additional information


Allergan India

Salt Composition

Bimatoprost (0.01% w/v)

Equivalent Brand

Bimatoprost Opthalmic Solution

Country of Origin


Generic Name

Bimatoprost Opthalmic Solution


1 X 3 ml


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